One-2-One Sessions

This could be spiritual talk if wanted. It could be spiritual session if you wish for time to ponder a question or get direction for issue or change in your life. Or it could be chanting session if anyone is working or wishes to work on patanjali’s sutras or some healing chants. Sister MorningStar is a american indian, not eastern indian. She studies sanskrit but hindi is not her native language. She will be humble and appreciate that her skills will not equal the ones of a hindi. She is loves to work with and help people find their way in their own spiritual journey. In this 90 minute session the participant can set any agenda they would like, and the session will develop from there.

We unfortunately only have a limited amount of spaces for On-2-One – so first come first serve.


  Open Time Close Time Instruktør Address
friday 10:00 16:00 Sister MorningStar Pulsen
saturday 09:00 13:00 Sister MorningStar Pulsen